Product Description

TiMn is a proprietary liquid nitrogen and micronutrient formulation designed from an acidified, nonvolatile form of urea-sulfate-nitrogen and our patented Adur Complex. TiMn contains 6.75% sulfuric acid equivalency, enhancing nutrient efficiency in adverse soil and water conditions. This product has a low, measured pH without releasing the acidifying energy of the contained hydrogen molecules. This effect, under many circumstances, reduces the phytotoxicity typically experienced with low pH products and helps avoid other negative interactions which can occur with typical acidifiers.

Key Benefits

  • 7-0-0 5S 5Mn in low pH formula
  • Low pH formula to condition spray tank
  • Mn to help with tie-up
  • Formulated with the patented Adur Complex

Packaging Size

  • 2×2.5 gallon jugs
  • 250 gallon totes

Download the product Brochure, Label and SDS here:

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