Product Description

The KSC line of water-soluble fertilizers are a combination of high-quality, low salt nutrients and our patented Phytactyl Complex. They are for fertigation or hydroponics in intensive crop production. The low salt index and low chloride content is safer for seedlings and allows better water and nutrient uptake. Available in 6 different formulations that are specifically catered to diverse growing condition and plant growth stages.

Key Benefits

  • Highly soluble, low salt and low chlorine content allows for improved ionic transport and tolerance to osmotic and salinity stress
  • Buffered formulas optimize nutrient absorption without decreasing irrigation water pH
  • Six formulas that contain a range of analyses to allow for flexibility through the season
  • Formulated with our patented Phytactyl Complex


Minimum application rate should be 8-42 lbs/ac of KSC per week split over 1 to 5 applications. Application rate and timings are situation, crop and grower specific. Please refer to tissue tests or the advice of your local Timac Agro representative for specific recommendations.

DILUTION: Dilute KSC Phytactyl in the mother solution with a concentration of 10-20% or 1-2 lbs/gallon. This dilution should be considered as a guideline and should be adapted to the chemical characteristics of the irrigation water.

COMPATIBILITY: KSC Phytactyl is compatible with most soluble fertilizers. DO NOT mix with products containing Calcium. DO NOT acidify mother solution below a pH of 6.

Packaging Size

  • 55.125 lbs

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