Corona Series

Product Description

The Corona series are a combination of highly water-soluble fertilizers and our patented PRX Complex designed specifically for foliar application. The high-quality ingredients offer superior safety and tank mix compatibility. The products are designed for application in row crop, fruit, and vegetable production. Available in three formulas that are individually high in either N, P or K.

Key Benefits

  • Highly soluble nutrient formulations provide flexible options to improve growth, flowering, and fruiting
  • Superior quality ingredients deliver high efficacy at low rates
  • Individual high analyses of N, P or K to correct in-season deficiencies when soil is not providing adequate nutrition
  • Low salt index and chlorine to reduce salinity stress caused by foliar fertilizer application
  • Formulated with the patented PRX Complex


Apply foliar at 2-10 lb/ac, and dilute to at least 15-20 gal/ac, 1-4 times per growing season.
Please refer to tissue tests or the advice of your Timac Agro USA sales representative for specific recommendations.

Packaging Size

13.22 lbs

Download the product Brochure, Label and SDS here:

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